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The MgrTbl.dat File

When LRF files are transferred onto a memory stick using the Sony Librie Reader software, a certain file structure is created. Part of this structure is the MgrTbl.dat file (located in the /mssony/librie/booklist directory on the memory stick). This file acts as a list of the books contained on the memory stick. Linux users can also create the MgrTbl.dat file using BookListGen

Format of MgrTbl.dat File

The MgrTbl.dat file consists of individual records one after another (i.e. There is no header at the start of the file, and there is nothing inbetween the records). Each of the records describes a single LRF file.

Format of Record

Each record consists of a 33 byte header followed by data fields.


The header describes the lengths of various fields in the record. It starts at offset 0x00 and is 33 bytes long. All values are in Intel (LSB first) order.

Offset (hex) Size(bytes) Name Description Example value
0x00 2 RecordLength Length of the entire record D8 06
0x02 2 TitleLength Length of the Title field 0C 00
0x04 2 TitleReadingLength Length of the reading of the title (needed for Japanese) 00 00
0x06 2 AuthorLength Length of the Author field 2C 00
0x08 2 AuthorReadingLength Length of the reading of the author (needed for Japanese) 00 00
0x0A 2 PublisherLength Length of the Publisher field 0A 00
0x0C 2 LocationLength Length of the LRF location 27 00
0x0E 2 GIFDataLength Length of the GIF thumbnail data FA 05
0x10 2 unknown unknown 60 00
0x12 15 unknown unknown (padding?) zeros

Data Fields

After the header, the following data fields are found, starting at offset 0x21:

Name Size (bytes) Format Description Example value
ID  32 UTF-16 The ID of the book TESTBOOKID000004
CreationDate 15 ASCII The creation date of the book 2004–10–26
Title Offset 0x02 in header UTF-16 The title of the book The Lost World
TitleReading Offset 0x04 in header UTF-16 The reading of the title (in katakana)
Author Offset 0x06 in header UTF-16 The author of the book Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
AuthorReading Offset 0x08 in header UTF-16 The reading of the author (in katakana)
Publisher Offset 0x0A in header UTF-16 The name of the publisher Aleph
Location Offset 0x0C in header ASCII Location of LRF file (preceded by a:) a:/EBOOK/BBEB/TESTBOOKID000004.lrf
FileSize 4 Size of the LRF file DWORD 0xD25C0 = 861632
MysteryBytes2 16 unknown Binary zeros
ThumbImageType 1 Binary The image type of the thumbnail (See below) 0x14
GIFData Offset 0x0E in header Binary GIF thumbnail image data N/A

The codes for the image types are 0x11 for JPEG, 0x12 for PNG, 0x13 for BMP and 0x14 for GIF.