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Linux Support

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Even though the Sony Librie runs a modified version of Linux, Sony currently provide no PC software for Linux users to create or upload content.

This means that there is no direct support for transferring books onto the Sony Librie via USB under Linux. The only method currently available is to write the books onto a memory stick and then load the memory stick into the Sony Librie. This is the method that is discussed here.


  • USB memory stick reader supported by Linux. After trying several models (Dazzle, Packard Bell), the one which worked flawlessly for me was the Belkin USB 2.0 15-in-1 reader []. All the other models I tried would either corrupt data on the memory stick, or would refuse to mount the media without a reboot after a couple of mounts. The belkin model worked perfectly.

  • A memory stick (or memory stick duo with the adapter). The Librie also accepts memory stick pro.

  • BookListGen. This program is necessary for creating the directory structure and index file on your memory stick.

Mounting the Memory Stick

After inserting the memory stick into the card reader, it should show up as a SCSI disk device. On the belkin 15 in 1 reader, the memory stick slot is sdb, but it will be different depending on which card reader is being used. By default, there is a single FAT-16 (type 6) partition on the memory stick, which can be mounted in the following way:

mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt/memorystick

Alternatively, the following entry can be placed into /etc/fstab:

/dev/sdb1 /mnt/memorystick vfat defaults,noatime,user,noauto,rw 0 0

This will allow the memory stick to be mounted with the simpler command:

mount /mnt/memorystick

Creating The Directory Structure

There is a specific directory structure that is required on the memory stick. Specifically, the following directories are necessary in the root of the memory stick:


These directories can either be created manually, or with Book List Gen?, in the following way:

./booklistgen.exe -c /mnt/memorystick

Transferring LRF Files Onto The Memory Stick

Once the memory stick has been mounted, and the directory structure has been created on it, LRF files can be copied into the /ebook/bbeb/book directory:

cp mybook.lrf /mnt/memorystick/ebook/bbeb/book

Generating the Index File

It would be nice if the Sony Librie could find all files in the /ebook/bbeb/book directory automatically. However, this is not possible. An index, or booklist, file MgrTbl.dat in MgrTabFormat needs to be generated under the /mssony/librie/booklist directory. This file is generated by running the booklistgen program in the following way:


When this command is executed, the LRF files under /ebook/bbeb/book will be scanned, and an index file containing all of these books will be generated under /mssony/librie/booklist.

Unmounting the Memory Stick

The memory stick now needs to be unmounted, to ensure that all data is written:


Loading the Memory Stick Into the Sony Librie

After inserting the memory stick into the Sony Librie, the main menu should contain all the books that were added to the index.