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Hardware for Sony Librie

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  • 6in reflective electronic paper display with E-Ink technology (2bit grayscale)
  • SVGA (600x800 dots) resolution at 170dpi


  • 300g with case and batteries (190g without)
  • 126mm x 190mm x 13mm


  • ARM-based Motorola/Freescale DragonBall MC9328MX1 processor (ARM920T core, 200MHz, 98.09 BogoMIPS)


  • 64MB SDRAM system memory (62500KB free)
  • 4MB NOR flash memory
    Linux bootloader, kernel, Memory Stick BIOS, keys and device informations
  • 32MB NAND flash memory Samsung KM29U256T
    fonts, dictionaries and bookshelf data, 11152KB free
  • 16MB NAND flash memory Samsung KM29U128T
    rootfs and OpenMG data

System OS

  • Sony Linux OS: NSC Linux version 1.2.0 Patch 4.2 (MontaVista distribution)

NOW WITH ENGLISH OS: Every gadget-lover that sees the Sony Librie e-book in person is floored. The high-tech e-ink looks too crisp to be believed. In fact, most people assume the page on display is just a sticker. In fact, it's a remarkable display technology, that looks like a newspaper and uses most energy only when “printing” (changing pages). Therefore, the Librie requires only 4 AA batteries for power--and displays 10,000 pages of information between battery replacement. The Librie is incredibly light and small, and its screen must be seen to be understood. The Librie ships with a fold over cover that makes it easy to slip into your bag without worrying about scratching.
The Librie uses its own file format, but is capable of displaying (converted) PDF files. The Librie ships with an English OS, as well as instructions for converting PDFs to Librie-compatible files. (The process is to convert the PDF to the Librie's file format, and then put that file on the Librie either by USB, or by inserting a Memory Stick. The Memory Stick option is a little easier and affords more storage space.) At this time, there are no English e-books available for purchase, so the Librie is most useful if you have PDFs to read.


  • Memory Stick slot (Memory Stick Pro compatible, up to 2GB)
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Headphone jack
  • Rear-mounted mono speaker
  • internal UART-0 and UART-1 (root console is running via UART-1)


  • 4xAAA batteries, 10.000 pageturns


  • Miniature QWERTY keyboard
The Librie has many Buttons, some are only labeled in Japanese.
  • Memory function that can place up to 40 bookmarks