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Japanese Support

You will need to have the Asian/CJK fonts and IME installed. The minimum screen resolution required is 1024x600.

Here is a quick'n'dirty guide to using AppLocale with the Librie software (which, thankfully, it does work with):

  1. Start AppLocale.

  1. Press Next.

  1. “Launch an application” should already be selected, but if it isn't, select it.

  1. Browse to the Librie executable
    C:\Program Files\Sony\e-Book Reader Software\BBEB-PC1\LIBRIe\LIBRIe.exe default
    and click Open.

  1. Press Next.

  1. Select Japanese from the “Language of the application” dropdown list. Since Microsoft have helpfully written the language names in the language they're in, you may not be able to tell which one it is; fortunately, Japanese is the one right at the end (bottom), so you can alternatively just tab over to the list box and hit End on your keyboard.

  1. Press Next.

  1. (Optionally) You can create a shortcut to the Sony Librie software so that you can run it through AppLocale without having to go through the wizard every time.

  1. Press Finish.