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Sony Librie Frequently Asked Questions

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What's so special about the Sony Librie ebook reader?

The EBR-1000EP has a new paper-like type of display by E Ink with great readability.

Where can I buy one?

Directly in Japan

Note: This is not an endorsement; these are just some dealers we heard about.

When will Sony sell the Librie outside of Japan?

This is currently unknown.

Will Sony introduce an improved version of the Librie soon?

There have only been vague rumours so far.

Do I need to speak japanese to be able to use it?

No, you can get along without speaking japanese. Read this quick reference to get a first impression.

What english software and documentation is available?

Sony is only offering japanese software and manuals at the moment.

  • The windows software for reading and transferring books is (partially) being translated by volunteers.
  • Parts of the software on the Librie itself will probably also be translated soon.

All of this is happening on the Yahoo! Librie group, without support from Sony.

The Linux PC software to transfer books to a memory stick (booklistgen) is in english. The command-line-program to create books for the librie from text files (makelrf) is in english.

What problems with the DRM remain?

The DRM applies to paid books available from the Timebooktown website. Sony offers four japanese windows programs to generate your own books on the librie.
The makelrf command line tool lets you create documents from text files.
There is no english software (yet) to create searchable, zoomable librie ebooks from PDFs, Microsoft Word files, HTML, iSilo, ...

What is LRF?

The books for the Librie are in the BBeB file format. LRF is the BBeB variant without DRM.