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HOWTO – Custom Applications on Librie with Patched Firmware

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With Release 2 of the Librie English Firmware Patch it is possible to execute a UNIX shell script from the Memory Stick. With it any application can be executed on Librie.

It also enables to remove the built-in dictionaries from the memory book shelf.

To execute the custom UNIX shell script on Librie, follow this step

  1. The shell script is named and should be located in the main directory of the Memory Stick. (There is a example script at the Librie translation project site that removes the built-in dictionaries from the memory book shelf.)

  1. Copy to root directory of the Memory Stick.

  1. Insert the Memory Stick in the Librie.

  1. The shell scripts will be executed during the restart of Librie. So reboot the Librie with the reset button or power off/on the device.

  1. After the reboot, will be executed (after the book shelf is displayed, approximately 5sec.).

  1. Don't forget to remove the shell script from the Memory Stick, or Librie will execute that script at every reboot (in the case of the remove dictionaries script, a cyclic reboot).

Hint: To prevent any reading problems of the Memory Stick, please initialize the Memory Stick with the Sony Librie.

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