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The librie has two rows of buttons, one along the left side and one along the bottom. If you don't have your own Librie yet, you can see a hires (1518x2330, 1.1MB jpeg) image of the Librie at:

Down the left side:

ページ  Page – forward and back
文字サイズ etter size, zoom 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%
入力モード Input mode – hiragana or roman letter
変換  Convert/Enter
登録 record/save

Across the bottom:

本棚  bookshelf
辞書  dictionary
メニュー  menu
ページ  previous page
押 決定  scroll wheel: push to select
ページ  next page
戻る back
決定 select

Above the letter X on the keyboard, it says 小文字、which makes certain hiragana letters small when you're inputting in hiragana.

The word above the last blank key is ジャンプ (jump), which I think lets you highlight a kanji character and jump to its reading – very handy for students of Japanese!

The sliding button on the bottom right says:
電源 切 入/スタンバイ (Power On Off/Standby)