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Addon Software

Sony released 4 free addon programs for Microsoft Windows:

Newspaper for LIBRIe

  1. Newspaper for LIBRIe converts Internet articles and news to a format readable by the Librie. In addition, since it is RSS compliant, one can select the most recent news from various web sites and create an original information magazine.

Toolbar for LIBRIe

  1. Toolbar for LIBRIe converts in one click a web page from Internet explorer into a format readable by the Librie.
    • immediately after downloading the page, please exit from and reload Internet Explorer
    • before using Toolbar, please select in the settings whether you want to have the librie toolbar visible or not
    • Little guide to how to use it If somebody has time to add this external page to this wiki please feel free...

Myclip for LIBRIe

  1. Myclip for LIBRIe allows the user to drag and drop into a single ebook readable on the Librie text portions of websites which the users whishes to keep for further reference.

Printer for LIBRIe

  1. Printer for LIBRIe allows the user to print data stored on a pc in word, excel or pdf format into a file readable by the Librie. Possible usages include proof reading, text checking, or paperless document carrying.